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Managed Firewall


Managed Firewall + Vulnerability Management

Blockade Silver Managed Firewall from Locknet Managed IT
Locknet Managed IT Risk Solutions include Blockade Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Designed with industry leading technology and services to help businesses protect themselves against security threats, Blockade Silver Firewall Management protects the first point of attack – the gateway to the network. Blockade Silver includes:

  • Monitoring
  • Web Filtering
  • Software Services
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Day-to-day Management
  • Firmware Updates
  • Annual external vulnerability assessment

Managed Firewall + Vulnerability Management

Threat intelligence made easy! Vulnerability Management provides an ongoing, repetitive, and proactive approach to IT security by scanning, screening and tracking assets for vulnerabilities and other weaknesses within your business’s network. Locknet’s Security Engineers will be engaged throughout this process to help you track the progress, manage your security flaws, report on potential dangers, identify intruders on your network and hold monthly consultative meetings with you to review a summary of your ongoing assessment, its findings and next steps. You can schedule these meetings for board meetings, IT committee meetings, or with whomever you like – almost like having a Security Engineer in-house. Blockade Gold includes all the benefits of Blockade Silver plus:


Detect, Monitor & Prevent Network Intrusion


Dashboards & reports to know what's important

Consultative guidance by leader security experts

Find & fix vulnerabilities more quickly


Assurance report cards that benchmark & report on risk & compliance

Meets a wide range of compliance & regulatory standards

Blockade Gold Managed Firewall and Vulnerability Management is ideal for banks and financial institutions

If you are a bank or credit union

Your examiners are requiring you to have an effective vulnerability management program. If you are any other type of business, regulated or not, a vulnerability management program is an effective, holistic approach to keeping your business safe.

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