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A comprehensive, integrated IT solution that can work for your business situation, from small or medium sized, regulated or non-regulated, and even those with little or no IT staff.

Customize Yours Today

Let our experts help you tailor the IT solutions your business uniquely requires.

With Keysuite, we sit on the same side of the table as you and we share one goal – to make your IT function as it should, problem and worry free. We install the best technology at all points of vulnerability.




Keysuite is a complete IT management platform that can be custom built to meet your unique needs.

Strategic Partnership

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Implementation Team
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • IT Roadmap
  • Budgeting Guidance
  • Compliance Documentation

End User Support

  • Full service, in-house Support Center
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 24/7, 365 Unlimited Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Remote Control Tools

Domain Administration

  • Active Directory Support
  • Support for Existing Active Directory
  • Components
  • Exchange Support

Security & Threat Protection

  • Blockade™ Silver Managed Firewall Package
  • Hardware and Firmware Updates
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware/Anti-spyware
  • Spam filtering
  • Website filtering
  • Annual External Vulnerability Assessment

Data, Analytics & Reporting

  • Encrypted Client Report Portal
  • Monthly Security Reports
  • Patch Reports
  • Disk Utilization
  • Backup Execution Logs

Systems Management

  • Netxuspro™ Patch Management & Remote Monitoring Package
  • Security Updates
  • Service Packs
  • Patching of Licensed 3rd Party Applications
  • Custom Scripting & Script Library
  • 24/7 Alert Monitoring

Backup and Recovery

  • Reinforce™ Locknet Vault Package
  • Backup Appliance Software and Agent
  • Local Backup
  • Backup to Locknet’s Data Center

Proactive Day to Day Management

  • Discovery and Fix Problems
  • Monitor, Patch, Optimize & Maintain a Worry Free Environment

Proactive Environment Oversight

Locknet keeps your systems safe, online and running smoothly. Our proactive approach helps detect and resolve issues before they become large problems.

Server Health Checkup: Stay ahead of issues

Includes a multi-point checklist with monitoring of key server areas. Performing this examination on a regular basis helps to identify and address problems before they cause a business disruption.

Netxus™ Patching: Keep your 3rd party software hassle-free

Keeping your Microsoft and 3rd party software up-to-date can be a hassle, especially when these updates make other applications function incorrectly. With Locknet’s Netxus platform, all updates are thoroughly vetted and approved by our administrators prior to implementation. Should something not work properly, Locknet is able to troubleshoot or roll back.

Critical Systems Monitoring: Stay up and running

Your business depends on all of your systems being up and running. Should one go down, or if some part of your infrastructure needs attention, Locknet will receive alerts and will be actively working on a fix before you are likely even aware of the issue.

Network Map: Make better business decisions

Understanding how information flows throughout your network can be important when making business decisions. Locknet will provide an updated Layer 2/3 map.

Trusted Strategic Partner

Locknet takes the time to understand your business and keep our finger on the pulse of your IT. Keysuite clients receive analysis and strategic guidance that focuses on the big picture.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR): Your roadmap for continued success

There is so much more to our relationships than just managing a client’s IT. We continually collect and examine a broad base of data that profiles the functioning of your infrastructure. We use everything from Support Center ticket information and event logs to antivirus and firewall data to help identify any systemic issues. We’ll take the time to sit down with you to provide a clear understanding of our findings and provide you with suggestions and share best practices used in your industry to help you keep your network running smoothly. We discuss your goals and aspirations, initiatives and upcoming projects and we’ll help you plan a short term roadmap and a longer term strategy for future enhancements and your continued success well into the future.

Compliance Documentation: Answer key auditing questions

Dealing with state and federal regulators and external auditors can be a daunting task. Locknet provides detailed documenting of your IT environment and our services that will answer key questions for your auditors.

Client Advocate with Core Business Application Vendors

When dealing with highly skilled technical people, it is sometimes difficult to grasp what they are trying to communicate. Locknet assists as a technical liaison to ensure that the right information is conveyed to all parties involved.

24 x 7 End User Support

We understand the most important resources that any organization has are its people, and good relationships are critical to having positive experiences and outcomes. Locknet is proud to have a number of Strategic Client Support Teams with those resources to provide dedicated, best in class service and an enjoyable customer experience.

We carefully select a dedicated Client Support Team that will best fit the needs or your unique organization and its people. Your team will include a group of high performing, highly skilled and certified Systems Administrators, Systems Engineer and a highly experienced Senior Systems Administrator who will provide an additional layer of technical support and expertise to your business. Your team will always have a clear understanding of your employees, IT environment and organization so you can rest assured that when you contact Locknet’s Support Center, you will always reach a familiar person who will know who you are.

Protect Against Data Loss and Unexpected Events

A backup and recovery solution is a key component to every business’s disaster recovery plan. Be prepared in the event of a hardware failure, building disaster or natural disaster with Reinforce® by Locknet. Reinforce is available in a variety of solutions to best fit the needs of your business

Explore Reinforce

Defense in Depth

The ever-changing landscape of technology and threats makes securing your network and data a complicated enterprise. There are many ways to access your data and many ways to exploit it . A multi-layered approach prevents as many of these threats as possible, and Keysuite provides that approach with our Blockade™ suite of solutions.

Explore Blockade

Keeping up with all the banking regulations is challenging. When researching different IT companies, we found that Locknet was one of the few that worked with many banks and, because of that, kept up with regulations. That knowledge allows them to better serve their banking clients and ultimately our customers.

Mackenzie Farrill

Assistant Vice President - Internet Banking Officer, Security State Bank of Marine