Back up your critical data in the event of a hardware failure, building disaster or natural disaster with a fully managed, comprehensive solution.

Be Prepared.

Without your data you have no business. While small and medium businesses are at the biggest risk for failure after a disaster, many businesses think it will never happen to them. Let the experts at Locknet help you understand and implement managed backup and data recovery solutions that help keep your business running.


Dedicated on-site server

Your Reinforce server has one job – to house your important data on-site.

Fully managed

Locknet Managed IT Services manages your Reinforce server to make sure data is backed up according to your business needs.

Your important data backed up

We go beyond just data. All your files, databases, email systems and mailboxes, configurations and operating systems are backed up.



We custom build the appliance of your needs, giving you the storage you need for everything you’ll back up.

LAN Speed Restoration

Should you need data restored, it’s fast and efficient.

Reinforce is available in a variety of solutions to best fit the needs of your business.

Reinforce DR

Fully managed backup and data recovery solution that includes local and cloud backup, as well as virtualization of systems and data in the cloud. This service also includes full failover disaster recovery cloud service in the event of a catastrophic event.

Reinforce Site to Site

Daily backup to a dedicated onsite Reinforce backup server at your primary location as well as redundant backup to your secondary location.

Reinforce Locknet Vault

Reinforce Locknet Vault includes daily backup to a dedicated, onsite Reinforce appliance at your primary location as well as redundant backup to a secondary vault located at one of Locknet’s two data centers in Onalaska or Eau Claire, WI .

Reinforce Local Only

Includes daily backup to a dedicated onsite Reinforce backup server at your primary location and restoration of your files and folders when you need it.

Which solution fits you best?

Our experts can help you understand the ways Reinforce can help your company succeed. Reach out today and let’s talk it over.

Your Network. Safe.



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