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Locknet® can help you review your IT environment, security posture, and processes if you’re planning a large rollout, replacing aging equipment, or moving into the cloud.

Get Ready

Assessing your network and security performance is one of the first, easiest steps to take to improving reliability. Get in touch today for an easy conversation about how to get started.

Locknet can help you know where to start.

A proactive technology assessment can help you understand the current state of your IT and help identify existing issues and catch problems early. Then you can outline a plan to improve it.



Locknet’s highly skilled and certified engineers will partner with your team to understand your business’s goals and assessment expectations.

Gathering Data

These experts will perform a thorough investigation, listening closely to understand your goals and analyzing weaknesses within your entire system.

Report & Respond

We’ll recommend improvements and best practices for a conclusive strategy, building a complete and accurate picture of potential risks. With our analysis, you’ll have a roadmap to address deficiencies and weaknesses so you can improve your network’s reliability.

Develop A Proactive Approach

Develop A Proactive Approach

In a Technology Assessment we review the state of your business’s IT environment and the performance of your infrastructure, security posture, processes and management.

Enterprise organizations often have the internal resources to conduct assessments but can benefit from our expert perspective. Small and medium businesses with little or no IT staff may require the help of an experienced technology partner to perform an accurate and thorough assessment.

Look before you launch

Look before you launch

The best time for an assessment is anytime you’re unsure about what’s going on with your network. It’s also best to plan far in advance if you’re considering a large rollout, replacing an aging infrastructure, or if you’re contemplating a change to your structure like moving into the cloud or engaging a managed service provider to help you manage your IT.

Locknet Managed IT Services is a partner I can trust. We are able to work side-by-side and keep our IT capabilities moving at a fast pace.

Joey Goracke

Vice President/Operations and Compliance, Prime Security Bank