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Your Business. Secure.

Hassle-Free IT Needs Assessment

Got 15 minutes?

That’s all it takes to begin exploring whether Locknet® IT services is the right fit for your organization and can meet your IT goals or complete a project.

Who Benefits from an IT Needs Assessment?

Enterprise organizations often have the internal resources to conduct assessments but can benefit from Locknet’s ability to enhance security and assist with projects. Locknet® also provides an invaluable outside perspective, offering insights into multiple applications, networks, issues, trends, and compatibilities rather than a singular focus.


Smaller businesses with little or no IT staff may require the help of an experienced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to perform a thorough IT needs assessment. The results can improve your security posture, streamline your IT processes, and remove the burden of IT management.


What’s Included in an IT Needs Assessment?

Once you determine that Locknet’s IT services may be the solution you are looking for after our brief exploratory phone call, we will take the next steps:



Our highly skilled and certified engineers will collaborate with your team to explore your business goals, expectations, and needs. These experts will perform a thorough investigation of your IT environment to identify potential gaps and provide recommendations to fill them. They’ll also assess your security posture and processes, whether you are planning a large rollout, replacing aging equipment, or need to complete a project.


Gather Data & Report

Our thorough analysis will include a deep dive into your systems and project details, including an IT inventory when necessary. From there, we will head to the drawing board to build a complete and accurate picture of our findings, risks, and potential opportunities for improvement.



Our team will recommend improvements and best practices for a conclusive strategy, outlining a detailed roadmap for success. We will work closely with you and your team to perfect it, create a timeline for implementation, and present a clear-cut budget so there are no surprises. Finally, we’ll encourage you to practice due diligence in selecting your technology partner, and invite you to get to know our team and tour our facility to ensure you’re making the right decision.