What you need to know to keep your devices and data safe

If you use public Wi-Fi (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) public Wi-Fi security should be top of mind. Why? Because information shared through public Wi-Fi, like personal information, credit cards, passwords and more, can be easily intercepted. The risks are even greater if you don’t have effective malware protection and other security for your device. Altogether, that can put you, and potentially your business, at risk.

Yet, there’s no denying that at times we all need to access Wi-Fi when we’re in a public space. So, what should you know about public Wi-Fi security risks? And, how can you keep your information safe on public Wi-Fi? Let’s take a closer look.

Public Wi-Fi Security Risks and You

Whether you’re on your laptop, your smartphone, your tablet or another device, chances are you have been tempted to use public Wi-Fi, or have used it at some point. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your business.

Know that any device can be vulnerable

It’s easy to forget all the ways we access sensitive information: our phones, our laptops, our tablets and more. The truth is, any of these devices can be susceptible to security issues. So step one is to be aware of the pathways or devices through which you are accessing public Wi-Fi.

Realize Some Wi-Fi is Not Legit

Cybercriminals have developed increasingly more sophisticated ways of nabbing your information. Among them: establishing illicit public Wi-Fi. By setting up connections similar to public places or businesses, they can coax users into giving up personal data. To circumvent those efforts, be sure to ask the venue with the free Wi-Fi what their legitimate Wi-Fi connection is named. And, avoid logging on to any connection without verifying it first.

Avoid using sites where your most valuable info is shared

If you can, avoid logging into sites like social media, sites that use your credit card, or online banking sites via public Wi-Fi. This can put your personal data and passwords at risk and can even expose you to possible identity theft.

Utilize a Virtual Private Network, or VPN

A VPN allows you to access your data, but encrypts it, so that it is useless to cybercriminals. Your information is protected with a VPN, so you can surf, email, and do other business with confidence.

Get Protected with Software

Consult with the tech experts at Locknet to get the best business-grade anti-malware and security protection installed on your devices. And be sure to get the software updated regularly. Cybercriminals are aggressive and are great at identifying new vulnerabilities and exploiting them.

Public Wi-Fi Security: Protection is Key

When it comes to public Wi-Fi security risks, it’s essential to know that public Wi-Fi may not be terribly secure, so you can never be too careful.

If your place of business provides Wi-Fi as a service to customers or to the public, Locknet® can help!  We’re dedicated to helping protect you and your business from any security risks related to Wi-Fi.  Contact us for more information on how we can help keep your business safe.


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