Security information and event management helps you stay on top of network security

Finding the best SIEM tools and managed SIEM services can seem challenging.  Yet protecting your network security and monitoring potential security threats is an essential part of ensuring your business data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.  SIEM helps you stay on top of security threats and other issues, so you can act fast.

What is SIEM?

SIEM stands for security information and event management; it’s a tool that combines security information and event management together by consolidating and tracking event data on your network.  All told, that can include data from many sources, such as networked security devices, servers, databases, workstations and more.  The result: data from multiple sources can be monitored to ensure your network’s security.  It’s a first line of defense against malicious events, which is why we like to think of it as a smoke alarm for your network—identifying proverbial fires as they smolder.

In many cases, those fires don’t get identified until they are a 4-alarm blaze.  Research shows that it takes, on average, 206 days for U.S. companies to detect a data breach—meaning hackers will have access to and can operate inside a breached company network for nearly seven months.  Seven months of reading or stealing confidential information, seven months with access to company files, seven months of reading any emails, etc.  Any business leader knows, that can spell disaster for an enterprise, reducing your hard work to cinders.

The best SIEM tools not only gather a massive amount of data on your network but analyze it quickly, raising a red flag when potential security threats are identified, so you can act fast.  It is real time threat detection, giving you invaluable insight into all of your network’s security, and when necessary, sounding the alarm.  Moreover, SIEM logs are encrypted and can be stored long-term, which addresses many compliance reporting requirements for highly-regulated businesses.

Managed SIEM Services and SIEM tools: valuable for many businesses

Your business doesn’t have to be highly regulated, or large in size, to benefit from SIEM tools. Small to medium sized businesses are frequently viewed by hackers as easier targets, and are often vulnerable to attack because they don’t have the same level of security defense and warning systems as larger operations.  So whether you are concerned about network security, or you are seeking greater security and regulatory compliance, SIEM can help you protect your business.

Need help finding the right SIEM for your business or just want to learn more about SIEM?  Locknet offers a full slate of networking and computing security products, including SIEM tools and Managed SIEM services.  To learn more, contact  Locknet Managed IT today.

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