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What is a vulnerability assessment?

You may have heard about vulnerability assessments, and wondered to yourself whether your company needs one, whether you are at risk, and what it should include.

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Posting a selfie with your COVID vaccination card could put you at risk

If you're searching for "ways to protect my identity," start by resisting the temptation to post a selfie with your COVID vaccination card. ...

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Tips for Protecting Data Privacy

No doubt by now we have all heard that data privacy is important, and we have seen the evidence of why in news of data breaches and identity theft. But the concept still seems ...

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Here's what to look for with these scams

As tax season is upon us, it's important to be aware of social engineering scams like W-2 phishing scams. For many of us, tax season means ...

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Was your MSP ready and there for you?

Experts say Hafnium hacker group, backed by the Chinese government, is responsible for the recent, massive Microsoft cyberattack that has put businesses around the ...

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Recent hack of water treatment facility highlights importance of cyber attack prevention

About a month ago,

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Typosquatting protection starts with education

Typos happen. But typosquatting can render big problems for those who mistype into the browser bar these days. But what is ...

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The top cyber threats to businesses over the past year

For leaders in business, anticipating and understanding risk is ...

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