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Remote Employees and Network Security

Working from home is not going anywhere. In fact, research shows that post-pandemic 42% of employees who worked strictly from a company-based location will not return to the office. Do you know how this will impact your business? Learn more about the tools needed to protect your client data and improve employee productivity.


Threats Underscore Importance of Choosing Top Managed Service Providers

Kris Kilgard
3 min read
May 21, 2020 10:00:00 AM
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Hackers are increasingly targeting MSPs to get to you

An increase in the number of hacking attempts on IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is underscoring the importance of working with top-managed service providers to protect your business from attacks. Searching for an "MSP near me," has gotten a bit more complicated due to these latest attacks, and only the most diligent IT-managed service providers will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company is protected. That's because hacking attempts on MSPs themselves have skyrocketed, a trend that has even drawn warnings from the US Department of Homeland Security.

Why selecting the best "MSP near me" is key

Why are MSPs an attractive cyber victim to hackers? Because cybercriminals know MSPs frequently hold the credentials of many individuals and businesses. If they gain access to administrator credentials and login information, they can quickly access that MSP’s clients’ servers, data, company networks, and more. MSPs have massive piles of client data on hand, and that's data that is good as gold to hackers. When they capture your company and client data, they can compromise your business security, encrypt servers with ransomware, leak customer records, steal identities, sell data on the darknet, and instigate phishing attacks. Simply put, when you chose an MSP to hold the keys to your network, it is a critical business decision where potentially everything is at stake. Choosing an industry-leading managed service provider can make all the difference.

Attack waves target other service providers as well

IT Managed Service Providers aren't the only ones being targeted to gain this valuable info. In addition, hackers are virtually relentless in their attempts to breach cloud service providers and managed security service providers. In truth, all IT solution providers must be at the top of their game and hypervigilant in their pursuit of protecting their clients. One weak link and your system credentials could wind up in the wrong hands.

Top managed service providers, such as Locknet Managed IT, never let their guard down. They know something as simple as delayed system updates and patching can compromise everything.

If you’re shopping for an IT Managed Service Provider, it’s vital that you do a thorough evaluation.  Most will likely tell you that they are your best choice for all of your IT needs because they can provide the latest and maximum security. However, it’s critical now more than ever to be more discerning so you’ll want to pop the hood and look at how they truly operate.  Here are some key things you should consider as you do your due diligence assessment:

  • How long have they been in business? Not only is longevity important but other key factors to consider are overall experience and business evolution during their time in business.
  • Do they provide the “best of breed” products and do they have a robust product development process with methods in place to continually evaluate and improve their offerings?
  • Are their employees certified and have those certifications been kept current? Some MSP’s may boast technical certifications, but most expire and must be kept up to date.
  • Do they have a large enough team that they are able to have employees who focus on nothing but security?
  • Do they have different teams for internal and client-facing IT? If they don’t, often “the cobbler’s kids have the worse shoes” syndrome can come into play.
  • What types of security training do they provide their employees to protect your data? How often?
  • Do they have a due diligence packet that you can review that includes their important compliance materials, such as hiring policies, security policies, cyber-insurance coverage, and more?
  • What industry credentials have they ascertained and how current are they?
  • Do they have a continuity plan in place and can continue their operations and support yours in case a disaster strikes?
  • Most importantly, do they undergo any external exams or regular audits, such as a SOC2? External audits and exams are critical because they are conducted by a third party who can verify that the MSP is doing the right things to stay secure. These should be done at least annually and the audit report should be available for you to review. 
Thwarting security threats is what we do

At Locknet® Managed IT, we know the importance of everyday diligence. Top-managed service providers never take security for granted. If you're searching for an "MSP near me," we're here to help shore up your defenses against cyber threats. Contact us for more information about the many security tools and tactics we use to protect your business from attack.

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