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Understanding vulnerability management and why it's important

Note: Be sure to check out our video on Vulnerability Management, featuring Cybersecurity Advisor Joe Hoffman.

Vulnerability management is essential to any business that wants to protect its data in today's digital world. But what exactly is vulnerability management? And how do top cybersecurity companies, like Locknet Managed IT, protect your business from cybercriminals?

What is vulnerability management?

 Your organization's network security requires constant diligence on the part of your cybersecurity team. That's because new vulnerabilities emerge every day, and hackers and other cybercriminals know exactly how to exploit them. The result: companies have to stay a step ahead of digital outlaws to protect their customers and their business. That's where vulnerability management comes in.

Vulnerability Management is the process of identifying and remediating possible weaknesses in your company's network security. And top cybersecurity companies know vulnerability management is an absolutely essential component of your IT security strategy. It requires constant diligence to identify and fix flaws and other vulnerabilities before a cybercriminal can take advantage of them to breach your network security. Your IT security partner should be able to customize and provide a vulnerability management program specific to your organization's unique needs.

How to establish a vulnerability management program

Establishing a framework for your company's IT vulnerability management is vital to protecting your network. Whether your existing, robust IT department handles this internally, or you work with a vulnerability management partner, like Locknet, may depend on your company's resources, but either way, it's an investment that pays off in terms of protection. Here are the stages of vulnerability management along the way.

1. Make it formal
Step one is to layout a formal vulnerability management program. Laying out a vulnerability management program gives the organization the overall structure and systematic approach to remediating vulnerabilities. The policy should feed and enforce the remediation efforts. This can be simple or elaborate, depending on your organization. Typically, a vulnerability program or policy outlines and identifies timelines and expectations of remediation efforts. By having a formal vulnerability management program or policy in place, the entire team from system owners to stakeholders fully understands the organization’s risk posture and behavior toward vulnerabilities.

2. Identifying vulnerabilities
Take a comprehensive look at your network and identify all possible vulnerabilities. This should be a regular part of your vulnerability management program, and scans should be conducted regularly to ensure issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

3. Evaluating risks
When risks have been identified, the next step is for your IT security partner to determine the best approach for management of those risks. Top cybersecurity companies will consider how easily a cybercriminal can exploit these vulnerabilities, the possible damage to the business if it were exploited and current protocols which might reduce the possibility of this being exploited.

4. Remediation
From here, your vulnerability management team will make recommendations about the priorities of the identified vulnerabilities and how they should best be addressed through software patching, configuration remediation or other mitigation strategies. Locknet Managed IT has the expertise to help you through this process and will provide recommendations for your organization's unique needs.

5. Reporting
Vulnerability management over time allows your team to gain insights into the effectiveness of your program, and help your organization meet regulatory requirements and KPIs for risk management.

To learn more about vulnerability management, what it is and why it's vital to the wellbeing of your business, check out our video featuring Joe Hoffman, Account Executive and one of our technology and cybersecurity advisors at Locknet Managed IT.

Looking for a top cybersecurity company for vulnerability management?

When there is so much at stake, working with a trusted IT security partner can make all the difference in your company's vulnerability management success. If you're searching for a top cybersecurity company to support your organization's vulnerability management, Locknet Managed IT is here to help. Contact Joe Hoffman to learn more about our vulnerability management capabilities and how we can help make Your Business. Safe.





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