Cyber security threats for small businesses abound

Cyber security is essential to smaller businesses, because the threats to them are the same as they are for enterprise organizations.  But because smaller businesses don’t have the IT security budgets and internal staff capabilities for IT security “blocking and tackling” that enterprise organizations do, they are an easier target. Hackers have learned this and know it means they will have an easier payday if they target smaller businesses. As a result, these businesses are squarely in their cross-hairs.

IT Managed Service Providers protect and prepare small businesses from cyber attacks

Hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP), especially one that is also a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), is an essential stopgap measure to ensure that small businesses are still protected from the many threats that exist in the online world. An MSP/MSSP can provide a smaller business with tools that are typically only available to enterprise organizations.  In addition, they can provide a large team with a broad range of IT specializations.  These teams should include security engineers who have the skills and experience to fight today's cybercriminals.  An effective IT team with a broad range and depth of technical skills will help small businesses not only manage their IT but substantially will reduce the risk for potential cyber security incidents.  

Small Business Cybersecurity: A Worthwhile Investment

Small businesses are beginning to realize that they can no longer ignore investing in cyber security. Outsourcing this work with an MSP/MSSP is a key step toward ensuring a company is protected.  More importantly, partnering with the right one is critical.  Let’s face it, cybersecurity threats for small businesses are real and according to the SEC, over 60% of small businesses that have ransomware fail within six months after the attack! 

Unfortunately in many cases, small businesses find out when it’s too late they’ve selected the wrong MSP.  Studies show that a quarter of small businesses switch cyber security providers after they’ve experienced a cyberattack. By then, they’ve already suffered the serious consequences including the operational impact to their business, the overwhelming expense of recovery, the loss of the trust of their clients, and more.

For savvy small business leaders, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the best cyber security partner on your side, and that you have invested appropriately in your cyber-defense, is invaluable.  Think of it as an investment in business continuity planning.

Get cyber security right with a trusted Managed Service Provider

If you could prevent or at least prepare your organization for a cyberattack, wouldn’t you? Partner with the right Managed Service Provider before a cyberattack, and you can rest assured your small business cyber security is prepared and ready for when you are attacked.  

Locknet - An EO Johnson Company removes the worry by providing the management and expertise bundled together with the right security products and services that best meet the needs of your business, whether you have 20 employees, 200 employees, or 500 employees or more, and whether you are regulated or non-regulated. 

Contact  a Locknet account executive at 844.365.4968 to learn more about how Locknet can perform the “blocking and tackling” to help defend and protect your business from a cyber attack.

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