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Was your MSP ready and there for you?

Experts say Hafnium hacker group, backed by the Chinese government, is responsible for the recent, massive Microsoft cyberattack that has put businesses around the ...

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Recent hack of water treatment facility highlights importance of cyber attack prevention

About a month ago,

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Typosquatting protection starts with education

Typos happen. But typosquatting can render big problems for those who mistype into the browser bar these days. But what is ...

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What it is, and why you need it

When it comes to data security, multi-factor authentication is a must. ...

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Social Engineering
Posted by Jay Garza


What it is, what to look for and how hackers do it

Social engineering is a favorite play in the hacker handbook. But what exactly is social ...

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Your Guide to Creating Strong Passwords

In the fight to ...

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What is SD-WAN?
Posted by Ben Potaracke


SD-WAN has many advantages; here is what you need to know

What is SD-WAN? If the ...

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When it comes to telework security, most fall short

The switch to a Work From Home (WFH) world happened swiftly--so fast, in fact, most ...

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A security alert from the experts at Locknet Managed IT

One of the worst vulnerabilities to surface in the tech space has reared its head this week, and your system could be at risk. It's so ...

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