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Here's how to protect your schools from ransomware

In the wake of a ransomware attack last month, all Baltimore County Public Schools were forced to close ...

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Tips for preventing a ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing, with ...

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How hackers get your login data, fast, and how to stop them 

A brute force attack is like a classic rock album—it may ...

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Hackers are Increasingly Targeting MSPs to Get to You

An increase in the number of hacking attempts on IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is underscoring the importance of working with top managed service providers ...

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COVID-19 scams abound; here's how to avoid them

With all you have to manage in today's rapidly-changing business landscape, there's one more to add to the list: protecting your business from coronavirus online ...

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The best antivirus protection for your workplace is education

As the novel coronavirus commands the headlines, it may surprise you that all of us should be thinking about computer virus protection. That's because ...

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This Halloween, it’s all Trick and No Treat from Hackers

 There’s a lot that can spook you around Halloween, but the real horror is how hackers get your information. In fact, when it comes to ...

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Top 5 Reasons businesses should never pay a ransom to hackers

Up to ...

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