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Remote Employees and Network Security

Working from home is not going anywhere. In fact, research shows that post-pandemic 42% of employees who worked strictly from a company-based location will not return to the office. Do you know how this will impact your business? Learn more about the tools needed to protect your client data and improve employee productivity.

Mary Jo Johnson Annual Message

2023: A Year to Reflect and Imagine

Mary Jo Johnson
2 min read
Dec 18, 2023 9:42:17 AM

A holiday message from Mary Jo Johnson, EO Johnson Business Technologies Owner and CEO


This year, I find myself reflecting on the power of imagination and its impact on our work and communities. With the current uncertainty around the world, I believe that now, more than ever, we need to dare to imagine a brighter future. It is through our collective efforts that we can truly make a difference in our own corner of the world.

Imagination is a remarkable force that fuels innovation, creativity, and progress. It's the spark that ignites the flames of possibility and propels us forward. At EO Johnson, we hold this value close to our hearts, knowing that by daring to imagine, we have achieved great heights and overcome significant challenges in our 66-year history.

But what does it truly mean to "dare to imagine"? It means being bold enough to envision a world where positive change is not just possible, but attainable. It means challenging the status quo and having the courage to pursue innovative solutions. It means embracing empathy, understanding, and inclusivity in our interactions with one another and the world around us.

The technology and services we offer today didn’t exist when my father, Emery O. Johnson, founded our company. They had to be dreamed, developed, and executed. By daring to imagine, we give ourselves resilience, a path for growth, and a successful future.

Just this year, we acquired A P Graph, Inc., which helps expand our production print product offering. We also completed a SOC II Type II audit of our entire company, demonstrating to our customers the value we place on information security. These accomplishments took teamwork, vision, and time. They set us up for a successful 2023 and beyond. And we were not alone in our successes this year. We heard from many of our clients who expanded locations or service offerings to execute their imagined goals.

Each of us, in our own unique way, possesses the ability to be a catalyst for change. Whether you are an employee, a customer, or a member of our extended community, your actions have the power to shape the world around you. At this time of year, think about what you can do to imagine something greater for your corner of the world – whether that’s your cubicle, your home, your customer’s business, your service truck, or your neighborhood.

Remember that the power to effect change lies within each of us. Together, we can shape a future that is filled with endless possibilities. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season and throughout the new year.


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