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Managing a remote workforce? Locknet can help.

A remote document management system can ensure your business keeps moving forward in an uncertain economy. In ...

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Hackers are targeting small businesses more than ever

As a small business owner or decision maker, you might rarely think about small business and cybersecurity.  After all, surely big business has a larger ...

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Your out of office message could compromise security

Does your OOO give TMI? Turns out this everyday office function can be an issue of security awareness.

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Understanding how to protect passwords is key for small and medium sized companies

 With cybercrime becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, every small to medium sized business should ...

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The best antivirus protection for your workplace is education

As the novel coronavirus commands the headlines, it may surprise you that all of us should be thinking about computer virus protection. That's because ...

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A Qualified Document Scanning Vendor to Guide your SMB

Regardless of how large a company is, the challenges working with paper based records are there every business day. Small businesses have the added concerns of ...

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Understanding Microsoft applications and platforms, and which is best for you.

No matter the size of your organization, large or small, chances are you depend on Microsoft software for your day to day productivity; but when it’s time ...

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Here's a look at future trends in network security

As leading experts in the industry, we often get first glimpse of what's emerging, including cyber security trends in 2020 and beyond. Wondering how future trends in ...

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Now more than ever cyber awareness training is essential for your business

Is security education and awareness training at the top of your to-do list for staff this year? It should be. That's because cybercriminals ...

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